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how to use dlmwrite for excel sheet has three columns

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Sukhpal Kaur
Sukhpal Kaur 28 Nov 2019
Commented: Sukhpal Kaur 28 Nov 2019
I have an excel file which has contain data into three columns. I want to change file type excel into .dat file using dlmwrite command. File type has changed but problem is that three columns data merge into one common. Now how to correct this?

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KSSV 28 Nov 2019
T = readtable('myexcelfile.xlsx') ;
writetable(T,'out.dat') ;

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Sukhpal Kaur
Sukhpal Kaur 28 Nov 2019
When i using the above command for read table the excel file is reduced by one row. for exampe suppose i have 10 rows and three columns then after using readtable command the workspace shows 9 row and three columns instead of 10 and 3. After compliting the whole command it is showing
error using load
unknown text on line no. 1 of ASCII file...... "x"
At the end .dat file is not build.

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