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Problems with the static text box of the GUI

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Silvia 8 Nov 2019
Commented: Silvia 25 Nov 2019
I'm having problems showing my string in the static text box.
I only want to show my directory in the text box. But if it's too long I would like to see only the part that fits in one line. The problem is that the directory is cut and part is shown on another line.
I have tried the textwrap option but doesn´t work. And I also have de MAX_MIN <= 1.
Please, any help?
Thank you

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith 20 Nov 2019
Assuming that you want entire directory to be displayed in a single line.
To achieve this, you can adjust the Graphical layout (grid portion) of the GUIDE figure window by dragging it with the option provided in bottom right.
And you can change the dimensions of static Text box with the help of dragging options provided.
Refer the attachments.

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Silvia 25 Nov 2019
Thank you very much for your answer.
I don't need the entire directory to be displayed. In fact, I only want to see the text that fits in one line. For example, in the image attached we can see par of the directory in a second line, I'd like to see only the part that fits in the first line. I don't want to change the size of the text box because another directory can be display so that won't solve the problem if the new directory is longer.
Thank you very much for your help

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