how to select specific column and rows in excel

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Athulya N
Athulya N 2019년 10월 30일
답변: galaxy 2019년 10월 30일
how I can select column 1 to column 8 and row 2 to end in xlsx file
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2019년 10월 30일
What does that mean? Do you want to
  1. launch Excel from MATLAB, and select cells A2:H2 in the workbook using ActiveX (if you're using Windows)? So if you hopped over to Excel, you would see those cells highlighted/selected?
  2. Or do you want to import data from those cells in the workbook into MATLAB?
Those are two VERY different things. Please explain exactly what "select" means to you.

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Athulya N
Athulya N 2019년 10월 30일
I want import data from excel to matlab

galaxy 2019년 10월 30일


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