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I am trying to compile your matdemo1.f file

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Stephen Forczyk
Stephen Forczyk 2019년 10월 10일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2019년 10월 11일
Sirs: I am trying to compile your matdemo1.f file so I can write a fortran code that will write a file in matlab format. I am using Absoft Fortran 2019. In the Examples .zip file
are 2 folders. The Mathworks folder contains the matdemo1.f95 file and the include file . The second folder contains the new files as modified with advise from Absoft. The include file had a name change and extensive changes to work with the original include file which had C style headers and other charcaters not recognized by my fortran compile. The Absoft folder also contains a screen shot after compilation show the unresolved externals. I am look for ideas how I can get this to work
1) Is there a preferred Mathworks Fortran compiler???
2) Does anyone have working compile code for an example such as this that write and read Matlab formmated files in a Fortran environment
Any help is greatly appreciated !
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 10월 11일
Intel's Parallel Studios is the only supported fortran for MS Windows and for Mac.
GNU gfortran is supported for Linux

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