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Figure Clipping at Large Distances

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Loren Vorenkamp
Loren Vorenkamp 6 Oct 2019
Hi there,
First post to this forum; I'm attempting to plot orbital trajectories around the earth and I have a really annoying issue where I can see the opposite side of the Earth to where I'm viewing and some of my plot3's are clipped. I have disabled axis clipping and tried disabling clipping for every individual plot and then using both 'refresh' and 'drawnow' and nothing has worked thus far. If I manually rotate the figure, everything pops back in and I can see the correct side of the earth, like it's refreshing when manually rotating, but I can't seem to get it to work from the start. Heres the code I'm using for the figure;
[x,y,z] = sphere(50);
ime = imread('8k_earth_daymap.jpg');
h1 = surf(r_ECI0*x,r_ECI0*y,r_ECI0*z, flip(ime, 1), 'FaceColor', 'texturemap', 'EdgeColor', 'none');
h1.Clipping = 'off';
hold on
campos([7000 0 0]) % Set the camera view
% camzoom(2)
u = pi/2:0.1:5*pi/2; % Initialize parameter variable
h2 = plot3(r_ECI0*cos(u),r_ECI0*sin(u),zeros(length(u)),'--k','LineWidth',1); % Plot the equator on the sphere
f3 = plot3(r_ECI0*cos(u),zeros(length(u)),r_ECI0*sin(u),'--r','LineWidth',1); % Plot the prime meridian on the sphere
f4 = plot3(Rs_ECEF1(:,1),Rs_ECEF1(:,2),Rs_ECEF1(:,3),'-c','LineWidth',2);
f4.Clipping = 'off';
f5 = plot3(Rs_ECEF2(:,1),Rs_ECEF2(:,2),Rs_ECEF2(:,3),'-c','LineWidth',2);
f5.Clipping = 'off';
f6 = plot3(Rs_ECEF3(:,1),Rs_ECEF3(:,2),Rs_ECEF3(:,3),'-c','LineWidth',2);
f6.Clipping = 'off';
f7 = plot3(Rs_ECEF4(:,1),Rs_ECEF4(:,2),Rs_ECEF4(:,3),'-c','LineWidth',2);
f7.Clipping = 'off';
f8 = plot3(R_ECEF1(:,1),R_ECEF1(:,2),R_ECEF1(:,3),'-r','LineWidth',2);
f8.Clipping = 'off';
f9 = plot3(R_ECEF2(:,1),R_ECEF2(:,2),R_ECEF2(:,3),'-g','LineWidth',2);
f9.Clipping = 'off';
f10 = plot3(R_ECEF3(:,1),R_ECEF3(:,2),R_ECEF3(:,3),'-b','LineWidth',2);
f10.Clipping = 'off';
f11 = plot3(R_ECEF4(:,1),R_ECEF4(:,2),R_ECEF4(:,3),'-m','LineWidth',2);
f11.Clipping = 'off';
axis square off % Set the axes units as square and turn them off
daspect([1 1 1]) % Keep the aspect ratio of the figure 1 to 1 in all directions
set(gca,'BoxStyle','full','Box','on'); % Set box style to full
ax = gca;
ax.Clipping = 'off'; % Turn off clipping
set(gcf,'color','w') % Set background to white
Any help would be appreciatted as this is drving me crazy.
EDIT 1: I have narrowed the problem down to the 'campos' command; if I remove this part of the code, the figure displays correctly. If I try to change the camera position at all with this command, I get the problems described above. Of course, how do I change the camera position then if I can't use 'campos'?
EDIT 2: I just answered my own question; the 'campos' command was clipping through my plots as the distances I was specifying (ie, 7000 km) were too small for the orbits I was trying to plot (ie, ~50000 km altitude GEO).

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darova 6 Oct 2019
Please attach the you use data
Loren Vorenkamp
Loren Vorenkamp 6 Oct 2019
Hi darova,
I figured out my issue already (see EDIT 2 above in my original post), but thanks for getting back to me. I didn't realise there was a 'close thread' option, so I'll now close this thread, cheers.
EDIT: 'close thread' isn't what I thought it was lol. Anyway, problem solved.

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