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system on inequations of a problem in mathematic

Hello, everybody
I hope that you are in a good state, i want to propose a problem that i have to know.
I'll introduce a problem that i have, it's given a cartesian coordinate (x,y) a space contains a lot of points (A,B,C,D)
So We have a points in the space of study as the image mention that :
my goal is to detect what i colored (mathematic, and informatic by matlab) or how to determinate the colored zone

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Torsten 님의 답변 29 Aug 2019
Torsten 님이 편집함. 29 Aug 2019
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The coloured region is defined by three inequalities:
y >= (x-x_A)/(x_B-x_A)*y_B+(x-x_B)/(x_A-x_B)*y_A
y >= (x-x_A)/(x_D-x_A)*y_D+(x-x_D)/(x_A-x_D)*y_A
y <= (x-x_B)/(x_C-x_B)*y_C+(x-x_C)/(x_B-x_C)*y_B
Is it this what you mean ?

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Thank you very much
that's what i need

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