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How can I change a FOTRAN code into a MATLAB code

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Johan Johan
Johan Johan 23 Aug 2019
댓글: Johan Johan 23 Aug 2019
To convert, followings are some steps i applied :
1. Download and extract f2matlab into your computer
2. In matlab, go to the folder in which you extract f2matlab
3. In matlab command, put >> f2matlab('myfortran.f');
During conversion I have following errors
>> f2matlab('mmm.f'); %the filte mmm.f in desktop
| f2matlab -- Ben Barrowes, Barrowes Consulting |
Error using fscanf
Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to
generate a valid file identifier.
Error in f2matlab (line 212)
I searched internet but did not find answer how to solve my problem. Can anyone tell me how to solve this error Message in MATLAB .

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KOU DU 23 Aug 2019
It shows there's somthing wrong when open the file. Please check
is not equal to -1 and ensure that your fortran file is in the same path of your matlab file.

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Johan Johan
Johan Johan 23 Aug 2019
Thank you the problem is fixed.

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