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How to fix: Index exceeds matrix dimensions

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Chun Yong Koh
Chun Yong Koh 23 Aug 2019
댓글: Chun Yong Koh 24 Aug 2019
I am new to matlab and am trying to write a function which produces the Fibonacci sequence of input n. I am required to write it in a way so that the program returns all Fibonacci numbers which are less than 3000, including the index of the highest term below 3000. However, I kept getting the error ( Index exceeds matrix dimensions ) at where the if loops is located. May i know how I can change it to make it work?
function y=fibonacci(n)
for i=3:n
y(i) = y(i-1)+y(i-2);
i=i+1; %#ok<*FXSET>
if y(i) > 3000

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Torsten 23 Aug 2019
The for-loop increases i automatically. Thus remove the line "i=i+1".

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Chun Yong Koh
Chun Yong Koh 24 Aug 2019
Really new to this but thanks for the help!

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