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Problems with ExampleHel​perGazeboS​pawnedMode​l ROS Kinetic on R2018b

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Mohammed Tousif Zaman
Mohammed Tousif Zaman 21 Aug 2019
답변: Cam Salzberger 23 Aug 2019
I am trying to run the example on ROS Kinetic and MATLAB R2018b but the said function takes forever to run. All I see is MATLAB is "Busy" and there is no other response, gazebo does not open up as well.
I did update the rosjava_messages.jar file as mentioned on this link
I am not sure if I should move to R2019a to try this example?
My script pasted below for reference.
%% Initialize
close all;
% Initialize ROS
ip_address = '';
% Connect to Gazebo world
gazebo = ExampleHelperGazeboCommunicator;
kobuki = ExampleHelperGazeboSpawnedModel('mobile_base',gazebo);
% Read pose and velocity of the Kobuki Base
[position, orientation, velocity] = getState(kobuki);
% Clear the workspace of publishers, subscribers and other ROS objects
% Disconnect from the ROS network


Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger 23 Aug 2019
What version of Gazebo are you using? The example helpers were designed for the purpose of working with the ROS Hydro VM and its Gazebo installation. If you are using a newer version of Gazebo, its API may have changed, and the example helper may not be able to communicate with it in the same way.
Also, I can't speak for the vision lab's JAR file, but if you want to update the built-in message definitions to Kinetic, you could try our recommended workflow (detailed here).





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