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how to create convex hull from white pixels

Stelios Fanourakis 님이 질문을 제출함. 9 Aug 2019
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Dear All
I attach my image. The red circle annotates the white line I need to trace. The endpoints of this white line are annotated with small red circles as you may be able to see. I need an algorithm to automatically trace first and last white pixels of this small line/contour and create a convex hull.
Any help please?

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Answer by Neuropragmatist on 9 Aug 2019

You can use bwlabel to label parts of a binary image, but your line is broken so you will have to dilate the image first to make it a solid/complete line:
Then you will need to find a way to discriminate your line from the others in the image, it's not the biggest or the lowest in the image so I don't really know how you will do that.
As for a convex hull, once you have the pixels related to your line you can get their indices and convert them to subscripts using sub2ind, then pass these to something like convhull as if they were x,y coordinates.
Hope this helps,

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After using imdilate() it can be the largest or the second largest

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