Copy-from-console bug (second try)

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Lucas Azevedo
Lucas Azevedo 2019년 8월 6일
댓글: Andreas Goser 2020년 10월 12일
I am creating this question again because i just cannot edit my old question since this morning!?!
(see update 3 below)
The reporting bug system is not working (, that is why I am posting here.
I found a very frustrating bug. I have mixed important content because of this bug. I must wait about two seconds before pressing ctrl+c to copy a text from console, otherwise nothing is copied. How to reproduce:
1) Select a text from command window;
2) Press command+c immediately after section;
3) Try to paste the selection somewhere. It will paste not this last copy, but the one before this.
Now try this:
1) Select a text from command window;
2) Wait 2 seconds and press command+c. The paste will work as aspected.
I am using:
MATLAB Version: (R2018b) Update 3
Operating System: Mac OS X Version: 10.11.6 Build: 15G22010
UPDATE 1: I wrote crl instead of command by mistake.
UPDATE 2: Adding more information about bug system report.
UPDATE 3: I have described my bug in e-mail which was sent to It is unbelievable what was replied!
I am writing in reference to your Technical Support Case #03727488 regarding 'BUG'.
Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Unfortunately, Mac OS X introduces a small delay between the moment the trackpad is released (i.e., when the selection is made) and the moment the keyboard keys are pressed. I understand that this can be very frustrating. I would recommend using a mouse or right clicking and copying. Unfortunately, since this is not specific to MATLAB we are unable to provide any further assistance.
I am gonna forward this e-mail to Apple support so that they can laugh a lot about it. This simply makes no sense at all. This bug is not present in any other program, only in MATLAB. Thus, this is a MATLAB bug.


Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2019년 8월 6일
Hello Lucas, I am interpreting this partly as reaching out to the community to get additional input and ideas and partly as constructive feedback about MathWorks Support. Let me dig into it and contact you by email.
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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2020년 10월 12일
I suggest contacting Technical Support

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