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SHould i use a switch or class

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fadams18 11 Jul 2019
댓글: Adam Danz 11 Jul 2019
Hello matlabers,
So I have a question.
so i have 3 types of vehicles repressinting [0,1,2] i.e. 0 ='normal car', 1='emergency' and 2='pedestrain'
I want to write a program that alerts any type of those cars if another car is approaching it. eg. if emergency is at its station and pedestrain car is approacing it sends a message saying ''pedestrian car appoaching'' and the pedestrian car says "approaching emergency car".
Please help me guys thank you.

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fadams18 11 Jul 2019
@Guillame there are many cars. like a normal day in vegas, Im in my 'normal' car, moving on the streets. once i approach an emergency car like an ambulance, my car alerts me saying 'approaching an emergency car'.
Output is just an alert message stating the type of car im approaching.
Guillaume 11 Jul 2019
Ok, there are many cars (thousands? millions?). You still haven't told us what the inputs of your program are, nor what your program does.
  • Your program could be a simulation of 1000s (millions?) of cars moving about. In which case, it needs to track all the car positions, all the time.
  • Your program could be a real-time detection program running in your own car. In which case, the structure is completely different, the inputs are just, there's a car of type X or there's no car.
  • It could be something else completely different.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz 11 Jul 2019
@fadams18, a little bit of time spent formalizing your problem and mapping out a plan for your program will potentially save hours, days, or weeks of writing and re-writing it on a whim.

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