How to Give Column Names to MATLAB Table Dynamically

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Hi all, I am having trouble to assign colum name of a mtlab table.
I want to make a table of 365 rows and suppose 29 columns. I want to assign the column names from the years from the vector
T=[1990, 1992, ... 2018]
I know how to do it like this:
colnames = {'a' 'b'};
a = [1;2];
b = [3;4];
c = table(a, b, 'VariableNames', colnames)
If I want to make 'colnames' from my T vector, how can I do it?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 6월 19일
Column names must be valid matlab variable names.
colnames = "AD" + T;
The AD can be changed to any valid prefix of a variable name.
As written this code requires R2017a or later
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Gazi Alam
Gazi Alam 2019년 6월 19일
Thanks Walter Roberson. It works.

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