Collision Detection with Concave 3D Shapes

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Floris 2019년 6월 10일
댓글: Prasanna Venkatesh 2019년 9월 16일
Hello everyone,
I am looking to implement 3D collision detection with concave 3D shapes. Ideally, the implementation/algorithm would be as optimal and as quick as possible. The collision detection for my program is between a cylindrical tube robot, which can assume concave shapes, and an STL model of the cavity inside an ear.
I have already done some research into the GJK algorithm, which only works for convex shapes. One solution to this problem is breaking up the concave shape into multiple convex shapes that represent the concave shape as a whole. I have also found a number of other implementation that use the triangular faces of the models and a ray casting algorithm to detect intersection.
My overall question is: What kind of algorithm would work well for this application? I would also like to hear any relevant experiences you might have had with implementing 3D collision detection in general.
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Prasanna Venkatesh
Prasanna Venkatesh 2019년 9월 16일
I am working on Motion Planning of Indutrial robot which involves Collision Detection in 3D. I am also new to this! Currently I am using 'triangle triangle intersection' technique and PRM path planner. With this I am able to do it for easy ploygons like cuboid etc. For real time shapes (robot) I don't have any idea to make the polygons into triangles. Can you give any tip?

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