how to connect a picoscope 3405A with mathlab

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Hi, my name is Vanessa i am electrotechnic Studend . For my Project i have to setup the picoscope 3405A with matlab R2019a. i Have Watched the video on the webside and i did exactly what the Tutor said in the video but it doesnt work . i can not run the Examples and i cannot connect the pico with matlab . I really need your help ( Sorry for my englisch my first language is french ).I hope i can find help.

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Pico Technology
Pico Technology 2019년 5월 17일
Hi Vanessa,
Please try the following:
Using the MATLAB Add-Ons Explorer, install the following:
  1. PicoScope 3000 Series A API MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver
  2. PicoScope Support Toolbox
Next, install the PicoSDK 64-bit which can be obtained from This will provide you with the necessary libaries to communicate with the device.
The PicoScope 3405A is listed under Discontinued products.
Once this is complete, navigate to the folder where the PicoScope 3000 Series A API MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver was installed and try running the PS3000A_ID_Block_Example.m script.
If you require any further assistance, please contact the Pico Technology support team.
Hope this helps.

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