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change colormap of histogram2

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arnold 13 May 2019
편집: arnold 13 May 2019
I was looking for a way to change the colormap for histogram2 from parula to something else. Couldn't find it.
x = randn(5000);
y = randn(5000);
h = histogram2(test1, test2, 'DisplayStyle','tile');
again: I couldn't find any handle or option to change the colormap.I'd appreciate a hint.
kind regards

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 13 May 2019
Use the colormap function. First let's make the histogram2 plot.
x = randn(5000);
y = randn(5000);
h = histogram2(x, y, 'DisplayStyle','tile');
Next, I'll enable the colorbar (so we can see the color scale.)
Finally I'll change the colormap. I'll use jet but you can use one of the ones on the colormap documentation page or one of your own design.

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arnold 13 May 2019
ok, I should have guessed that. thanks

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