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How to highlight a moving data point

I have an animated plot, the dynamic graph is a mathermatical model based on the 2 points on the other static graph. The 2 points are - one that is fixed at the start of the static graph, the other is a moving point that moves as k (loop control variable) increases. I want to highlight these two points to improve my graph. Below I have pasted a still of my graph and what I am trying to achieve and my code.
Hope my question is clear, any help is really appreciated.
%best fit calculations
y1 = Mean(1);
x1 = Mean_step(1);
y2 = max_cap./10;
x2 = 0;
aaa = (x1*y1)+(y1)*(-x1*y1)/(y1-y2);
bbb = (x2*y2-x1*y1)/(y1-y2);
dist = 0:1/3:1600;
model = aaa./(dist + bbb);
legend('Coarse Approach','Fine Approach','Best Fit Line')
hp = plot(dist, model, 'r-', 'Linewidth', 1.5);
txt1 = ['V_{preamp} = ' num2str(aaa) ' / (Tool-Substrate Gap + (' num2str(bbb) '))'];
ht = text(580, 700, txt1, 'FontSize', 9);
for k = 2:352
model = aaa./(dist + bbb);
hp.YData = model;
txt1 = ['V_{preamp} = ' num2str(aaa) ' / (Tool-Substrate Gap + (' num2str(bbb) '))'];
ht.String = txt1;

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Should only the current value be displayed, or do you want to leave everything up to that point on the line drawn (tracing out the path) ?
Just the current value highlighted.

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Walter Roberson 님의 답변 12 Apr 2019
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Before the loop,
h = plot(nan, nan, 'yo', 'MarkerSize', 20, 'MarkerFaceColor, 'y'); %yellow, filled, large
Inside the loop,
set(h, 'XData', x_of_position_to_highlight, 'YData', y_of_position_to_highlight);

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yes, that is exactly what I wanted to do, I did not have foresight... I would like the trail to have a different color from the yellow dot (like gray)
Create an animatedline with larger LineWidth and color gray and no marker, and do that before creating the handle for the yellow marker (so that the plot for the yellow marker is on "top" of the animated line.)
Each iteration,
addpoints(animated_line_handle, x_of_position_to_highlight, y_of_position_to_highlight)
do that as well as the set() that moves the highlight marker.
you have no idea how much I appreciate your help!!!
Thank you

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