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How can I manage more complex ROS messages in Simulink? (e.g. JointTrajectory)

I'm computing the joint values using simulink. Now I want to send the values to ROS using the Publish block in simulink. However, i can't fin a way of filling the fields for the message as i want. Not even with a Matlab function. Do you have any ideas how to fill the struct message?

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Cam Salzberger 님의 답변 8 Apr 2019

Hello David,
You can create an empty message structure of your desired type using the Blank Message block, and fill in the values using a Bus Assignment block. There are a couple of examples of this in the "Getting Started" models.

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Thanks, I went trough that already. My main problem was the data type management, but I found the example I needed. I will leave it here in case someone has the same problem.

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