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Logitech G29 with simulink

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댓글: Kangkyu Lee 29 Apr 2020
I have a logitech G29 driving wheel and pedals on PS3 mode and the simulink realtime library block for Logitech G29. Do you have any idea how can I record steering signals?
I keep on getting error though all the modules and drivers are installed in Matlab.

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Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray 30 May 2019
Is there any way that this block could be expanded (or recreated in a different block) in a way that would enable interfacing with Simulink running on a PC instead of a real-time target? That would be extremely useful for us.
young future
young future 17 Sep 2019
Try Joystick .
Shuaicong Yang
Shuaicong Yang 17 Apr 2020
use the joystick block in the lib of destop real time, it can get the analog of the g29, includeing steering , throttle, brake etc.

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 31 May 2019
For desktop simulation, you can use this block:

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Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray 16 Jul 2019
Is there another method for getting this input that uses a different block which doesn't require the virtual reality toolbox?
Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 18 Jul 2019
I'm not aware of any other block. However, please reach out to support for a confirmation.
Kangkyu Lee
Kangkyu Lee 29 Apr 2020
@Thomas Murray
I am in exactly the same trouble as you.
If you have solved this problem (in any way), I would like advice from you. Or if you haven't solved it, I'd like to know why.
Please teach me.

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