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How to createa GUI interface on my laptop that interacts with another interface (that i also have to code in matlab ) on my phone?

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Hey People,
I am trying to code two GUI intefaces using matlab.
One on my computer and one for my phone. ( i understand that I can use the gui interface app on matlab to do the one for the computer). I want the two interfaces to communicate with each other, via wifi and offline (bluetooth)
Could you give me some ideas how to do that? I was looking on google, but frankly i got rather confused.
I would appreciate every help
( The code I want the Gui to run, has several functions, also a support vector machine)

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Once you are at the level that you can connect two instances of Matlab running on different OSes, I don't think the creation of a GUI is a big deal anymore. I don't know how you would tackle that.
As for what functions that GUI would have to run, that is really an issue, as long as the code itself works on the intended OS/device. For the creation of a GUI you can either use the Appdesigner (which is mostly a class), or 'normal' Matlab (which is function-based (don't use GUIDE)).

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