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And/or between two 3d arrays

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Espen Mikkelsen
Espen Mikkelsen 2019년 2월 11일
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I have two 3d arrays sized 40*60*157000. I want to count number of values with array1 > 250 and/or array2 >170 into one third 2d array. For example if a value in array1 is under 250, then the corresponding value in array2 have to be higher than 170 to be valid in the third array. If array1 is over 250, then its doesnt matter if array2 is over or under 170 to be valid in the third array. I want to do this for each of the 40x60 values. This will give me a 3d array of 40x60x1. I only know the code with "and" which is working like this:
sum(array1>250 & array2>170,3);
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2019년 2월 11일
Just illustrate with a small example.


James Tursa
James Tursa 2019년 2월 11일
Do you mean this?
sum(array1>250 & array2>170,3);


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