Neural network compilation mwmklnnet.lib is not found

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TripleSSSS . 2019년 2월 3일
댓글: TripleSSSS . 2019년 2월 4일
I'm trying to compile a neural network that I built using matlab. I downloaded and installed only the MKL dnn library
However while producing a mex file the codegen I throws this error:
fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file mwmklnnet.lib
I searched for that file all over my computer and couldn't find it (I don't think this comes with Intel MKL DNN).
What should I do?
** Update:
I found that Matlab 2018B was shipped with "mwmklnnet.dll" however "mwmklnnet.lib" wasn't supplied - this might be a bug in Matlab

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Jaya Shankar
Jaya Shankar 2019년 2월 4일
This was a bug in R2018b release , and we fixed it in an update release 2. To resolve this issue, you would need to upgrade to 18b update release 2, and install 18.2 version of support package "MATLAB Coder Interface for Deep Learning Libraries" .
Please follow the instructions in the bug report here :
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TripleSSSS 2019년 2월 4일
Thanks. How can I find this by my own next time ?

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