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Index a cell and use as input to a function

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fadams18 10 Jan 2019
댓글: fadams18 10 Jan 2019
I have 2 cells W0=1x4 cell and H0=1x4 cell
in these cells i have
2x100, 4x100, 6x100, 8x100 double % matrices
How can i load these individual matrices and use them as inputs to a function via a loop
[~,~,RRE_NMF,T_NMF]=NMF(X,Q, W0,H0,Tmax);
I want to input everycell matrix in the cells into the position of w0 and H0 and iterate for all

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fadams18 10 Jan 2019
Lmao that was easy. it works. thanks Walter.
fadams18 10 Jan 2019
@Stephen. Thanks to u too. U really helped me today

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