Linear 45 degrees polarized antenna element

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Mykola Servetnyk
Mykola Servetnyk . 2018년 12월 27일
답변: Honglei Chen . 2019년 1월 2일
I am trying to use phased array toolbox to generate an antenna element that under 45 degrees. If I am correct, I can generate a Y-axis polarized antenna element using
antenna1 = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement( 'FrequencyRange',[1,2]*1e9,'AxisDirection','Y');
I tried to check page on polarized fields, and I saw that there are linear basis functions for polarization fields, for example
is vertical,
is horizontal and
is linear 45 degrees and so on.
So I'm looking for function in phased array toolbox that would let me specify polarization plane using linear basis vectors. All responses are appreciated.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2019년 1월 2일
In R2018b, there is no easy way to specify a 45-degree short dipole. The easier way to achieve that is probably combine the field from a Z direction short dipole and Y direction short dipole.
If you have access to R2019a prerelease, then you can get a short dipole with 45 degree linear polarization as
ant = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement
ant.AxisDirection = 'Custom'
ant.CustomAxisDirection = [0;1;1]


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