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anyone have a multi color detection code (not only rgb,more color)

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roki khan
roki khan 2018년 11월 26일
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please help me
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 2월 15일
you need to define exactly what you mean by each color you want to detect. For example if you need to detect beige then you need aa list of rules for determining whether something is beige or not.
Alternatively you could define representative rgb values for the colors of interest and define how to calculate color distance and define a cutoff and then say that any color within the cutoff of the distance is the color . Image Analyst recommends using Delta-E . Be warned that human colors are rather irregular shape in all known color definitions .


Rahul punk
Rahul punk 2019년 2월 15일
this code also incude red object detection u can edit green and blue simple change the value (1 1 2 )

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