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using PuttyGen key for pushing to Git

I'm using Simulink project linked with a Git repository on a remote server. I have generated a pair of ssh key with PuttyGen (format SSH2-RSA). The public key is declared in my remote server and the private key is on my Pc %USER_PROFILE%/.ssh. I can push/pull with Tortoise Git => my config is OK. If I want to push with Matlab instead ("push" button of the Source Control section of the SIMULINK PROJECT tab), i'm requested to enter a password which, btw, I don't know (tried my company SSO password, not valid).
But, if I generate a new pair of keys with GitBash (openSSH SSH-2 format) instead of PuttyGen, I declare this new public key on my remote server and save the private key on my .ssh folder, then it's ok I can push with Matlab.
Are there any limitations using keys generated with PuttyGen ?


Hi Laurant,
I was facing the same issue while using the Git on a remote server.
Finally, a guide on worked for me to generate the keys and luckily it has no limitations as well.

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Answer by Laurent Dalbies on 12 Dec 2018
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Posting the solution I finally found.
Matlab seems to detects only OpenSSH keys. I've generated a key with puttygen and converted it to OpenSSH format with puttyGen, and I'm now able to push, fetch, pull, etc...
WARNING : the converted file must be named id_rsa


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