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How to insert a picture in a subsystem mask?

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Daniele Musella
Daniele Musella 21 Sep 2018
답변: Ashish Azad 19 Jun 2020
I am trying to put an image in a subsystem mask, but this error displays: "Invalid file path passed to image drawing command in block 'subsystem name'. The image file could be not found". The picture file is in the same folder of simulink file and thus I am wondering if it is necessary either to move the image file in another folder or to modify the image dimensions. May anyone help me?


Ashish Azad
Ashish Azad 19 Jun 2020
If it is not working there is workaround for this
1)Inside your subsystem file go to edit system mask
2)Go to the "Icon & Ports" tab and inside the "Icon drawing commands box", write this command
You can get the absolute path of image in properties of image
Your image name and file format can be different, so write accordingly to it.
This should work fine

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