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How to find which columns are different between two tables

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I have 2 datasets (Table A and Table B). Table A has 1200 columns while that of B has 1205 columns. They all have the same number of rows. A and B are supposed to be the same but for some reason when I save A, 5 additional columns are added hence I get B (1205 columns instead of 1200).
I wanna find out what those 5 additional columns are. Is there a code that can let me compare A and B and tell me what those additional 5 columns in Table B are?
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 12 Aug 2018
.dat is not a standard file type. How are you doing the saving?

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Dankur Mcgoo
Dankur Mcgoo 12 Aug 2018
A = rand(3,3);
B = [A, rand(3,1)]; % Generating random tables
idx = ~ismember(B,A);
LookSee = B(idx);
LookSee should have the columns you want...
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