How to convert PID output Signal to a PWM signal in simulink?

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Malu . 2018년 6월 9일
답변: Sabin . 2023년 9월 27일
I have a PID controller, whose output signal is now given directly to a Joint actuator. I want to convert the PID output signal to a PWM signal and to give this to the joint actuator for better joint movement. How I do this? Any one help me.Please.

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Sabin 2023년 9월 27일
Assuming that the output from your PID controller is a reference voltage you can then use a PWM Generator to generate the gate signals. The exact implementation of PWM Generator will depend on the motor type. Assuming you are using DC motors, the best place to start is to check the examples that are available in Simscape Electrical under Robotics and Actuation Systems. A relevant example is the DC Motor Control.


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