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How to access a table using the string from within a cell as part of the dot notation index

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Hi, I have thousands of textiles that over the years have been formatted differently, for example velocity data may be in column2 in one file but in column 5 in another. I have some code that finds which column velocity is in, and then I want my script to access that column of the table, but I'm falling over with the last part where I use dot notation consisting of the table name and the columnID which I derived from the code, any ideas?
close all
clear all
A={'Exp ID','drop1: Average Radius',...
'drop1 volume (pl)','trajectory','velocity (m/s)',...
'average velocity (m/s)','Comments', 'Time'};
possibleVolStr={'Volume_pl','volume_pl','drop1 volume (pl)',...
'drop1 Volume (pl)','Volume'}
VolOuty = ismember(A,possibleVolStr)
[~,VolColID] = find(VolOuty)
VolCol_header_title=['A' num2str(VolColID)]
%VolColID tells us which column is the volume
The error is: >> Error using column_moving_05 (line 45) Unrecognized variable name 'Z'.

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 8 Jun 2018
편집: Stephen Cobeldick 8 Jun 2018

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Stephen Devlin
Stephen Devlin 8 Jun 2018
I get this when I run it steve
Error using untitled434 (line 26) Table variable names must be character vectors.
I have figured out I can do it with vol=datanew(:,VolColID) but I was puzzled as to why I couldn't do it with dot notation which is what I usually use for table indexing

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