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How do I able plot value from contour which corresponding with satelit track

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eko supriyadi
eko supriyadi 2018년 5월 10일
댓글: eko supriyadi 2018년 5월 10일
This time I have a problem displaying plot of contour value which position right under satellite can I get time series value in contour I mean?
So, the end result is I want to compare the satellite data with the model data but which is reviewed just right on the satellite track.
In the attachment file, there is a satellite_plot.mat , the first and second columns are the coordinates, and the third column is the satellite observation value. While the hs2.mat is a file from the model output ..
the following result is the result of the model contour overlay with the satellite track, a straight line pattern is seen in the middle of the coordinates (this is the satellite path):
below is the time series of satellite data but I can not get the time series value that is exactly the same position as the satellite track. how can I do that
Any suggestions very valuable for me..tks
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eko supriyadi
eko supriyadi 2018년 5월 10일
No.. that it's not a single image. Look, there is a straight line that I circled this (red pen)
In the second image, the x-axis denotes the time and the y-axis is wave sea height.
This is just one observation time and I have hundreds of images about this. I really appreciate any suggestions :)

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