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Checking partition format before saving.

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D. Plotnick
D. Plotnick 2018년 3월 22일
댓글: D. Plotnick 2018년 3월 22일
Hello, I was wondering if there is a simple way to get the format (NTFS, FAT32, etc.) of a directory.
The issue is that I may generate and save files of sizes from a few hundred MB up to multiple GB. I already have a switch that checks whether the save is going to be over 2GB, and so to use the '-v7.3' flag (which is slower, so I avoid it when possible), but I just ran into an external FAT32 formatted drive, and FAT32 has hard single-file size limits (in the 4GB range).
I want to be able to check the format of the drive for a target directory, and use switch/case so that if it is in FAT32 I can pop up a ui prompt asking to find another save location.
Any suggestions?

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Jan 2018년 3월 22일
편집: Jan 2018년 3월 22일
At least under Windows this replies the file system of the drive "D:":
di = System.IO.DriveInfo('D');
FileSystem = char(di.DriveFormat)
With java:
p = java.nio.file.Paths.get('D:\', '.');
store = java.nio.file.Files.getFileStore(p);
FileSystem = char(store.type())
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D. Plotnick
D. Plotnick 2018년 3월 22일
The former method worked perfectly. Cheers, helpful as always Jan.

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