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Set up Identity File (i.e. ssh key) for batch submission

Benjamin 님이 질문을 제출함. 21 Mar 2018
I use the batch command to submit job to a cluster and take advantage of the parallel computing toolbox.
I set up an ssh key pair that allows me to connect to the cluster without being prompted for my password.
When using the batch command in Matlab, I am prompted for my cluster user name, after which I can either
  1. choose a so-called identity file (i.e. private ssh key)
  2. or type my password
solution 1. works, however, I have to input user name and the file containing the private ssh key every time the batch command is used.
How could I save user name and path to these key file so that I dont have to enter them every time, even after restarting Matlab?
I imagine it should be possible to save this information in the used Cluster Profile but cannot find out where.

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