How to keep axes box fixed when creating an animation

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Evan Hemingway
Evan Hemingway 2018년 3월 13일
댓글: Roy Goodman 2021년 4월 12일
I have data from ode45 that I want to plot in space at every time step. To do this, I create a for loop over the time output from ode45 and plot the position at every point. Here is my code:
for i=1:length(t)
hold on
grid on
axis equal
camtarget([0 0 0])
campos([2 2 L/2])
camup([1 0 0])
hold off
This works pretty well, but, despite my definition for the axis limits, the plot box deforms as I iterate through time. How can I keep it rigid?


Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2018년 5월 2일
Every time you call plot3(), you are actually creating a new axes object. The new axis object will overwrite the properties of previous axes hence axis([-1.2,1.2,-1.2,1.2]) while no longer be effective. The proper way is to use line handle to update the animation. Use following code as template
l1 = plot3(0,0,0);
l1.XData = [];
l1.YData = [];
l1.ZData = [];
l1.LineStyle = 'none';
l1.MarkerEdgeColor = 'r';
l1.Marker = '*';
hold on
l2 = plot3(0,0,0);
l2.XData = [];
l2.YData = [];
l2.ZData = [];
l2.LineStyle = 'none';
l2.MarkerEdgeColor = 'g';
l2.Marker = '*';
axis([0 1 0 1 0 1]);
for i=1:100
l1.XData = rand(1, 100);
l1.YData = rand(1, 100);
l1.ZData = rand(1, 100);
l2.XData = rand(1, 100);
l2.YData = rand(1, 100);
l2.ZData = rand(1, 100);
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Roy Goodman
Roy Goodman 2021년 4월 12일
Nevermind. The obvious answer, cell arrays, works great. Just replace l1 and l2 in the above code with l{1} and l{2}.

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