Passing an integral function into another function that I wrote

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I want to write a function called 'HW1A' that will take in the variables tau, I_max, and V_in. V_in would be another mathematical function in itself.
Basically I want to solve V_out using the equation V_out = 1/tau * [the integral of V_in with respect to time from 0 to t_f]. V_in should be an input to the function.
function V_out = HW1A(tau,I_max, V_in);
t_f = 1.5;
fun = V_in;
V_out = 1/tau * integral(fun, 0, t_f) ;
R = V_in / I_max;
C = tau / R;
plot(t, V_out);
title(['$ V_{out} $ for RC circuit $ (R=' num2str(R) '\Omega, C=' num2str(C) 'F) $ '], 'interpreter', 'latex');
xlabel('Time (sec)', 'interpreter', 'latex');
ylabel('$ V_{out} $ (V)', 'interpreter', 'latex');
grid on
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 2월 26일
"would I have to change the third argument each time?"
An example of a step function would be @(x) floor(x/10)
An example of a triangle function would be @(x) abs(mod(x,4)-2)-1

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