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"sf_intern​al_predica​teOutput" outputs in workspace during model simulation??

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Song Decn
Song Decn 17 Feb 2018
편집: Linus 22 Mar 2019
Hi, if I run my model, there are lots of following messages showing in workspace. Does anyone know how I can change my model to delete these messages?? Thanks
sf_internal_predicateOutput =
sf_internal_predicateOutput =
sf_internal_predicateOutput =
sf_internal_predicateOutput =
sf_internal_predicateOutput =

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Jan Schnee
Jan Schnee 22 Mar 2018
Hey, you are not alone, I have the same messages and have not found a solution yet. So hopefully someone has a solution soon.

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Fl0w 12 Sep 2018
I had this problem with a transition guard looking like this: [after(3,tick), receive(my_msg)]
It wasn't working as intended either and I changed it to this expression: [after(3,tick) && receive(my_msg)]
After that the messages disappeared. So I'm guessing in the first expression the message receival isn't part of the condition but rather an action that somehow gets executed after the time check. And that action doesn't have a semicolon after it, so its return value gets printed.

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Linus 22 Mar 2019
Know the question is old, but reached this during searching, so adding my 2 cents.
Had the same problem and made a similar change to get it to work:
value > low_ limit &&...
value < high_limit ...
[value > low_ limit &&...
value < high_limit]
In a stateflow-transition

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