Recognize a value from the desktop screen

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Jayanta Deb
Jayanta Deb . 2018년 2월 13일
댓글: Federico Rapetti . 2021년 6월 11일
I have a question. I want to apply OCR(Optical Character Recognition) for a particular part of another software to get a data from it which is running in my desktop. Please suggest me how to get that? May be I should apply some other method in Matlab, if so please let me know how to do it? I have attached a picture of what i need to attain. The circled number(which is constantly changing) i need to have it as a value of a variable.

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Jayanta Deb
Jayanta Deb 2018년 2월 14일
Finally I got the solution,I am writing, so someone may find it helpful. I used a software called green screen grabber and program it to take a screen shot in specific area. Then I programmed in Matlab to run the software within the program. Once that was done i applied the OCR technique to read the image and get the number and perform my rest of the operation.
Thanks and regards, J
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Federico Rapetti
Federico Rapetti 2021년 6월 11일
Can you explain me how you have solved this problem?

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