Problem with getting output from KeyPressFcn

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yuval . 2018년 2월 9일
댓글: Adam . 2018년 2월 9일
Hello, I have a KeyPressFcn with two input variables and i would like one output variable.
Example of the code:
h = figure
function outputVar = pushbutton_callback(src,event,var1,var2)
outputVar = var1*var2;
The problem is that outputVar doesn't exist in the workspace afterwards...
I've read the documentation but still as it appears didn't really understand how to work with this function.
Thanks in advance.
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Adam 2018년 2월 9일
Callbacks cannot define output arguments. You will need to save your value using e.g. guidata:
function pushbutton_callback(src,event,var1,var2)
hGUIData = guidata( src );
hGUIData.outputVar = var1*var2;
guidata( src, hGUIData );
Then it can be accessed via
hGUIData = guidata( h )

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