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Find if a point is inside tetrahedron

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Xin 26 Jan 2018
편집: Rik 26 Jan 2018
Hello everyone. I have a point in 3D space and a FE mesh containing many tetrahedron elements with four corner nodes and the 3D coordinate of all the nodes. I want to find which tetrahedron contains the point, or to say the point is in which element. Does anyone know a function that can do this.
Thank you!


Rik 26 Jan 2018
편집: Rik 26 Jan 2018
The FEX submission intriangulation should do the trick.
Although if you need to do this for many positions, it might be best to get out pen and paper and find the mathematical constraints. You will need to loop this function over every tetrahedron, so if 'many' is really many, this might be impractically slow.
If you edit your question to add some more details about the tetrahedra, we might be able to help you write a much faster function.

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