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loading all files from a user specified folder into a gui

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Stephen Devlin
Stephen Devlin 19 Jan 2018
댓글: Adam 19 Jan 2018
Is there a way for a GUI to allow a user to select a folder of text files on their own computer and have the GUI work on all the txt files within that folder?
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Mahesh 19 Jan 2018
x = uigetfile({'*.txt'});
fid = fopen(x);

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Matt J
Matt J 19 Jan 2018
편집: Matt J 19 Jan 2018

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Adam 19 Jan 2018
Combined with something like:
info = dir( folder );
filenames = { };
[~,~,ext] = cellfun( @fileparts, filenames , 'UniformOutput', false )
txtIdx = strcmp( ext, { '.txt' } )
filenames = filenames( txtIdx )
to give you all the filenames of the desired type from the directory.

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