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Combine(mosaic) geolocated Earth data horizontally

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Sagar 2017년 12월 21일
Hi, I am processing MODIS level 2 data granules in hdf format. Reading one granule, I get one 203*135 sized 'latitude' matrix, another 203*135 sized 'longitude' matrix, and a corresponding 203*135 sized 'data' matrix. For a particular day, I have about 150 such granules covering the entire Earth meaning that I will have 150 sets of latitude, longitude, and data for each day. I need to combine all of those granules in some way (mosaic or combine horizontally) so that I can visualize all the granules at once. I also need to process the data for a longer period of time and do some calculations as well so creating one matrix for each day makes it more convenient. Could you please suggest a way to mosaic such geolocated data in matlab? I know there is a function called 'geoloc2grid' in matlab which is useful, I can use this function to resample the data to a fixed grid size (say 0.1 degree) but I need to combine the resulting data sets (horizontally) ultimately.


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