Where do I find the Mathworks License Agreement?

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Bob Koupal
Bob Koupal 2017년 11월 15일
댓글: Steven Lord 2018년 9월 24일
Where do I find a copy of the user agreement for Designated Computer and Individual licenses?

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Justin Ghetti
Justin Ghetti 2018년 9월 24일
편집: Justin Ghetti 2018년 9월 24일
The MathWorks Software License Agreement can be found inside the root installation directory of MATLAB as "license_agreement.txt" or by going to the Help menu in MATLAB and clicking on "Terms of Use".
On Windows the path is: C:\ProgramFiles\MATLAB\R2XXXx\license_agreement.txt
On Linux the path is: usr/local/MATLAB/R2XXXx/license_agreement.txt
On MAC the path is: /Applications/MATLAB_R2XXXx.app/license_agreement.txt
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2018년 9월 24일
There are two parts to Justin's answer, and they should probably be more visibly separated to make the path-independent one more visible.
If you can open MATLAB, in my opinion the easiest way to reach the license agreement is via the Terms of Use item accessible using the triangle under the Help icon on the Home tab of the Toolstrip. I'm not certain offhand how far back this exact set of instructions will work, but it's probably at least a couple years worth of releases and they should be "close enough" for a couple years prior to that.
If you cannot open MATLAB, navigating to the MATLAB root directory and opening the text file will also work. Justin's answer uses the default installation locations, and perhaps should clarify that your installation may be in a different location.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2017년 11월 16일
In current releases:
edit( fullfile(matlabroot, 'license_agreement.txt') )
It moved to there a few releases ago; it used to be a different license*.txt file in matlabroot



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