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Show values of fixed-point signals in Simulink?

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Song Decn
Song Decn 12 Nov 2017
댓글: Song Decn 13 Nov 2017
Hi, I want to ask whether there is a methode to display the "real" bit-wise value of a signal with fixed-point data type? As an example, I want to examine the real value of the output port CounterValue.

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mounika 13 Nov 2017
If it is just about displaying the real "bit value", you can modify the block parameters of display by double clicking on it and changing the format type to binary.

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Song Decn
Song Decn 13 Nov 2017
Thank you mounika!
Song Decn
Song Decn 13 Nov 2017
BTW, how can I show the "decimal (Stored Integer)" in Scope ??

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