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Could I remove the Directory "C:\Users\​<MyName>\D​ownloads\M​athWorks"?

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qilin guo
qilin guo 2017년 10월 9일
답변: Jan 2017년 10월 9일
There are two folders (R2017b and SupportPackages) in the following path: C:\Users\<MyName>\Downloads\MathWorks. And the size of "R2017b" are 3.61 GB, which consumes too much of disk space. I wonder what is the function of "C:\Users\<MyName>\Downloads\MathWorks\R2017b" and Can I delete it to free disk space. Thanks a lot.
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KALYAN ACHARJYA 2017년 10월 9일
Please ensure, whether it is program file or just other download files.

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Jan 2017년 10월 9일
There is an extremely cheap method to test this: rename the folders and see, if everything is working fine.
This folders contains the installation files. You can download them again on demand. Storing them on a DVD or USB stick is cheap also.


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