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GUI report error if something is wrong

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Xin 27 Sep 2017
댓글: OCDER 27 Sep 2017
I have a GUI that has a static text box which I use to update for the status of the code. The GUI needs to load data from an excel file (xlsread), and sometimes the load fails due to mistakes in the data file. I want to have a string saying "Error loading data!" to appear if the xlsread function fails. Is there a good way to do it. Thanks

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OCDER 27 Sep 2017
You could use try/catch statements where you use the xlsread function. Edit the code in your callback function like this:
NumData = xlsread(FileName); %wrap your xlsread with try/catch statement
set(handles.text1, 'String', 'Error loading data!'); %update your status text
drawnow; %redraw GUI to ensure the new string shows
return %end the callback function prematurely due to error
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OCDER 27 Sep 2017
You're welcome!

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