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how do i save magnitude of gabor filter using imwrite function???

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user06 7 Sep 2017
편집: user06 7 Sep 2017
please help me in this. i want to store magnitude which is obtained by gaborfilter. image has been saved but when i read that image again then only white image has been displayed.
close all; digitDatasetPath = fullfile('H:\code\testSet'); digitData = imageDatastore(digitDatasetPath,... 'IncludeSubfolders',true,'LabelSource','foldernames'); [m, n]=size(digitData.Files) for i=1:n temp=digitData.Files(i); temp=char(temp); I=imread(temp); I=rgb2gray(I); wavelength=4; orientation=90; [mag, phase]=imgaborfilt(I,wavelength,orientation); mag_temp=ifft(mag); imwrite(mag_temp,temp,'jpg') figure,imshow(mag,[]) end

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