Interface large C project by simulink

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Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller 2017년 6월 26일
답변: Dhruvesh Patel 2017년 6월 29일
I have a large C project with many functions and dependencies. I want to access some of the functions from Simulink to use the functionality of the C project in Simulink. Is this possible or might I run into problems for large C projects? What is the best way of wrapping the functionality out of a large C project to Simulink?


Dhruvesh Patel
Dhruvesh Patel 2017년 6월 29일
Simulink provides C-Mex S-Functions to bring in legacy C code into Simulink. There are several several ways to create S-Functions from existing C code. You should pick one based on the size of the project, the amount of control you require over the interaction between Simulink engine and the C Code, code generation requirements, etc,. Following are the ways in which you could create an S-Function from C code, listed in descending order of the amount of control they provide while creating the S-Function.
  1. Writing S-Function manually
  2. S-Function builder block
  3. Legacy Code Tool
You could also use MATLAB Function Block to call C Code into Simulink. Since your project is large, this would not be a recommended way.


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