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How do I create a .NET Array of COM objects from MATLAB?

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Geoff Olynyk
Geoff Olynyk 5 Apr 2012
I'm working with a COM API (for Siemens Solid Edge ST2) that requires a .NET array of objects to be passed to a particular method.
In Visual Basic .NET, one would do it as such (starting with an object objProfile, which is of a class Profile exposed by the COM API) ( note this is VB.NET code, not MATLAB) :
' Create a new array of profile objects, with just one object in it:
aProfiles = Array.CreateInstance(GetType(SolidEdgePart.Profile, 1)
aProfiles.SetValue(objProfile, 0)
' Use the array in a method:
objRevolve = objPart.Models.AddFiniteRevolvedProtrusion(1, _
aProfiles, objZAxis, 'igRight', 2.0*pi) ;
This revolves a profile around the Z-axis. But that's not the important part, the important part is that the method AddFiniteRevolvedProtrusion() expects a .NET Array for its second argument, not the Profile object itself.
Now, I have objProfile and objZAxis in MATLAB (as handles), but if I try to call the AddFiniteRevolvedProtrusion() method, it fails (this is now MATLAB code):
objRevolve = objPart.Models.AddFiniteRevolvedProtrusion(1, ...
objProfile, objZAxis, 'igRight', 2.0*pi) ;
Error using Interface.Solid_Edge_Part_Sync_Type_Library.Models/AddFiniteRevolvedProtrusion
Error: Type mismatch, argument 2
The error on argument 2 is because the method expects an array, not just the one object (objProfile).
I can't seem to use the System.Array.CreateInstance() because MATLAB doesn't allow direct use of the abstract .NET classes, it fails with the error:
Error using System.Array
Creating an instance of the Abstract class 'System.Array' is not allowed.
Nor can I use NET.convertArray (this works only on numeric MATLAB arrays). If I try:
objProfileArray = NET.convertArray(objProfile)
it fails with this error:
Conversion from 'Interface.Solid_Edge_Part_Sync_Type_Library.Profile' array type is not supported.
as would be expected.
Should I be using NET.createArray or NET.createGeneric instead? Thanks for any help people can provide.

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Andrea Carignano
Andrea Carignano 26 Apr 2018
I have the same problem here!

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