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Replacing Rows or Columns using Indexing (or efficient too solutions) instead of “Cat ”

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Andrea Ciufo
Andrea Ciufo 2017년 5월 17일
답변: Andrea Ciufo 2017년 5월 24일
With Arduino, NeoGPS and an MPU6050 i log some data on a SD Card.
On Matlab i am trasforming the accelarations from MPU6050 from the byte values to m/s^2.
  1. The code loads the data on Matlab
  2. It extracts ax ay az
  3. Call a funcion that convert from byte to m/s^2
  4. It define the all the columns to be concatenated
  5. It concatenates the all the columns
I have a civil engineer back ground, so i am not very practical with coding.
I was wondering if exists a more efficient solution in particular using Indexing?
Here my dumb code
%Open the file
filename= uigetfile ('.csv');
fileID = fopen (filename);
logmpu6050 =csvread(filename);
fclose (fileID);
%Converting acceleration from Byte to m/s^2
%Replacing the old accelaration values with the new
newlogmpu6050= cat(2,cat1,cat2,cat3);
Always thanks for your patience!

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Guillaume 2017년 5월 17일
편집: Guillaume 2017년 5월 17일
Without changing convms, this is the best you can do:
%Open the file
filename= uigetfile ('.csv');
fileID = fopen (filename);
logmpu6050 =csvread(filename);
fclose (fileID);
%Converting acceleration from Byte to m/s^2
newlogmpu6050 = logmpu6050; %copy
newlogmpu6050(:, 9:11) = [ax, ay, az]; %replace column 9 to 11 by ax, ay, az
newlogmpu6050(:, 12) = []; %delete column 12
which will give you the exact same result as your current code (assuming that there's no more than 15 columns in logmpu6050).
You could modify convms so that it does direct replacement of columns 9:11 which would be slightly faster.

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Jan 2017년 5월 17일
You code looks fine already. I assume reading the CSV file will take much more time. Guillaume's suggestion is a little bit nicer, perhaps it runs some milliseconds faster.
If you do not need the original value of logmpu6050, overwriting this array instead of creating newlogmpu6050 might be a further step.

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