How do I get simulink output signal to attach to electrical conserving common contract of a DPDT simscape block?

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I've tried connecting directly between simulink signal and electrical conserving port (ecp) of simscape DPDT switch, simulink through a Simulink-PS (S-PS) block to ecp, voltage sensor w/wo S-PS. Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help? Thanks.
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Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar 2017년 5월 8일
편집: Sudarshan Kolar 님. 2017년 5월 8일
To interface Simscape electronic component to Simulink, you will need some sort of measurement device at the output side. Please refer to some models in our documentation:

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Sabin 2023년 3월 13일
Simulink-PS can be used to connect a Simulink signal to a PS port. It can be sued to connect to the vT — Switch control port of DPDT block. Electrical ports need to be connected to electrical domain lines.


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